Life is a bit crazy right now. I’m hoping to start blogging more frequently, but feel that Chronicles of a Completely Unperfect Mom is a bit more fitting of this time in my life.  I’d love to have you come by to visit and see what’s new in the Heinzer family!

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Brushing off the Dust

The bad thing about allowing a blog to go stale is that it’s very difficult to jump back in. Well, that and you have to wonder if anyone will want to read what you have to say.

I’m hoping to find a little time to write each night with first semester winding down. Hopefully, someone will be on the other side listening!

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It’s Official

Supernanny is coming to my town!  For the record, they are not coming to my house, but I have heard where they are going.  One local can’t understand why anyone would go on a show such as this, “then everyone knows you can’t control your kids…”

Here’s a newsflash, if your kids are out of control enough that you have reached the frayed end of your rope and called a show such as this, chances are everyone already knows that!  The difference is that this family realizes that they need help and they are doing this so maybe, someday, their kids won’t be as out of control.  Who knows, maybe if families in town see what is working for someone they know face-to-face, they will try things that are suggested.  Couldn’t hurt to get a few kids in town to be a bit more respectful!

I wonder if there’s an adult equivalent.  I know quite a few in our town who could benefit from being whipped into shape!

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Bringing Out the Worst?

This week, I’ve started reading more and more news online.  I felt as though I was a bit out of touch with both local and national news so I started reading two local papers online and various national media sites.  As I read the comments of some readers, I began to wonder if only the ignorant smart-asses comment on news articles.  Here are just a couple of examples:

An article regarding parents who are having problems buying school supplies:
“I am shocked that the right wing conservative crowd is not on here yet telling poor folks to just pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I’ll bet it’s coming.”

Why do we have to make this a conservative vs. liberal issue? Plain and simple, there are families who simply can’t afford it.  I think that in our current economy, everyone feels the pinch and realizes how tight it is for some people.  An article that attempts to make readers aware of the issues some families face is not the place to jab at conservatives or liberals.

42 people found in under-construction home after God told pastor to take them there, 8 looking at possible deportation:

“Funny how this god character is responsible for so much stuff, and no one has yet to see him. What a sorry cop-out for all the losers of the world. I would bring him up on charges of trespassing, harboring illegals, for all we know they could have been planning a terrorist attack? I think put the ol reverend in a padded room and deport the rest. Do it fast so our tax dollars dont get milked out for 2 years. Funny how religion is an excuse to do wrong in some cultures.”

Was the pastor and his followers wrong?  Most definitely.  If 8 were here illegally, that needs to be dealt with, but there were many comments on this article stating that all 42 should be deported, even those here legally.  And to suggest they be charged with planning a terrorist attack????

The effects of poverty on children and ADHD:

“suppose I’m just kinda “speechless” here…I want to “JUDGE” a bit, BUT, I’M REALLY HOLDING BACK HERE!! 🙂 I COMPLETELY understand “HARDSHIP” & all.. ;), BUT…??!! & WTF?!!!
THIS I WILL COMMENT ON!! :)….In ALL here, I suppose I learned that you can collect SS….on “a child w/ ADHD”??!! (lol! 🙂 Whose child isn’t NOWADAYS!! THAT’S just unbelieveable!! (..NOT really!!)…It’s NO WONDER “why?” I’ll NEVER be able to retire…”MY” SS will BE GONE!!!”

First, you don’t need to read this comment to be offended!  The only thing worse than all caps is caps every few words.  Am I the only one who reads inflection on the internet?  I have a headache from this one!  Second, I haven’t heard of a child with ADHD receiving SSI benefits. 

These are just a few comments I pulled while reading today.  Every day there are comments like this.  And I no longer visit any news forums because they’re even worse.  Where can a girl go to get good, intelligent conversation about current events???

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Quick Bits

Here are a few things that popped into my head this week that don’t warrant their own posts…

Mount Horeb Couple has 4 winning lottery tickets:

This couple is apparently trying to patent their “formula” for picking the winning numbers.  Seems pretty simple to me, buy a ticket, play the same numbers long enough and you’re bound to win.  It could be a year, it could be 100 years.  In this case, it was 15 years of playing the same numbers.  The lottery is a game of chance, you’re odds are bound to be better if you’re not trying to pick a random set of numbers against a random set of numbers.  Sorry Adamsons, that secret is out!

Definition of a bad week:
First, a bus you own has to be evacuated on the side of the Beltline during rush hour because the driver locked the brakes.  Not exactly good publicity!  As if that wasn’t bad enough, less than a week later, you find yourself stuck in a silo because you didn’t listen to your family when they told you it was a bad idea.  Don’t worry Wayne, it has to get better!

Definition of a bad idea:
Rocking a porta-potty when you watch an off-duty deputy (who has been hired as security) walk in.  If you decide to do this, don’t get in the officers’ faces asking what you did to get thrown out!  This would be borderline for getting kicked out no matter what, but you did it to a cop!
If you get kicked out once, don’t sneak back in.  It’s not nearly as much fun to watch you get thrown out the second time.

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What’s Funny

It’s time for my contribution to the AW Blog Chain. Over at Delirious, there was talk of Twilight followed by an interesting answer and question. Colby asked what book, tv, or movie had surprised us by its success. The answer on Delirious, Married With Children, followed by, “What’s funny about that?”

At first, I thought about how I could write the things I found funny about MWC. Then, I realized I can’t think of anything specific that would be funny to me in my current life. Sure, I enjoyed watching sometimes, but there is quite a bit that would tick me off if I tuned in now.

What’s funny is relative. Growing up, there were movies that made dad crack up while the rest of us rolled our eyes.  My brother likes many movies that I watch and simply shake my head at, praying that the funny parts are coming up.  On the recommendation of many friends, I bought “Superbad” when it came out.  After watching it, I gave it to my brother because it was better to give him a random gift than have it collect dust in our home.

The beautiful thing about living where we do is that we are all entitled to our own opinion of funny.

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The Reality of Self-Help Reality

Last weekend, my family was discussing what could possibly make a family call a show like “Supernanny”.  My uncle wondered how, even if things were that bad, anyone would think it was a good idea to air your dirty laundry on national television.  At first, I agreed with him.  Last night, I realized how one could think it was a good idea.

Every time you turn the channel, it seems like there’s some reality show on, and chances are about 50/50 that the show you turn on will be some self-help show.  The shows are aimed at fixing virtually every aspect of the lives of the person/family being spotlighted, whether it’s their clothes, their hair and makeup, self image, parenting skills, housekeeping skills, money management, spouse relationships, etc. 

For those watching, there are small morsels to be consumed, little things that might help out.  I will admit, there are times when I watch for validation that my clothes or my child aren’t really all that bad.  Mean, possibly, but I know I’m not alone in that.  There are also plenty of lessons I have learned from some shows, such as how to do makeup quickly without looking like I threw it on in the dark and different methods of disciplining peanut.  I would bet that many more parents have “naughty chairs” than in the past, thanks to Jo Frost, Supernanny.

The answer to my uncle’s question is desperation.  People who call these shows feel as though they have exhausted every method of tackling the problem.  They’ve seen these hosts help countless other people and are willing to do anything, even risk humiliation to make things better.  They’re at the point where they don’t care if the world knows that they have these issues as long as someone can fix it.

Would I ever go on one of these shows?  Probably not.  At the same time, if I hit that point, I can’t say I wouldn’t change my mind.  And I’m still waiting for someone to get sick and tired of the over-sized t-shirts and jeans and call “What Not to Wear” on me, so that one I would have to say I’d go on in a heartbeat!

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