Best moment of 2007

Had I known that I would stumble upon a challenge for this, maybe I wouldn’t have mentioned it last night!

The best moment I had in 2007 was literally the last minute of the year. Khaila has been out of her routine since I went back to work and her dad has been home with her all the time. I was a bit miffed that she was STILL fighting sleep at 11:40 but decided that since it was New Year’s Eve, I would get over it, grab her, and bring her into the bedroom with me to watch Dick Clark ring in the New Year. Earlier in the night I had been ranting to a friend about how it irritated me that our local station tape delays the show so we see it for our New Year. I don’t know, to me, that wasn’t done before technology came into play and it was fun when I was younger to celebrate twice!

Anyway, back to my story…

Khaila liked the music performances and would sit somewhat still for them. When they were doing interviews or commercial breaks, she was all over the place. About 11:50, I got her settled into bed next to me and we sat, patiently waiting for 11:59. As soon as the ball started dropping, she sprang up and her hazel eyes were fixated on the TV. The only time she wouldn’t be watching was to turn to me and say, “Mama, PRETTY,” and then she was back to watching. As the crowds in Times Square rang in the New Year, she started cheering with them. Sure, she didn’t understand what she was cheering at but it’s fun to join others cheering! Then, ABC started showing everyone getting their New Year’s kisses and she decided she had to be part of that too. “Mama, kisses,” she’d say as she leaned in to give me the wonderful, sloppy kiss that only a two year old can give, “Mama needs more kisses.” This went on for a few minutes.

By the time my husband came back to join us (his computer clock is slow), Khaila was dancing on the bed, cheering, and kissing anything she could as I sat, amazed by her innocence, her enthusiasm. As tears rolled down my cheeks, I realized that this is how I want to ring in every New Year for as long as I can! I want to have a nice dinner, get into my jammies, crawl into bed with my little girl, and for that moment, realize that no matter what is going on, the biggest blessing I have is curled up next to me!


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