New Year, New Blog

As I sat in bed early on the morning of New Year’s Day, I resolved that this will be the year that I focus on changes in my life. This goes hand in hand with my decision to view my 30th birthday as a celebration of a new decade of my life rather than mourning my twenties. Yes, I was blessed with Mikhaila two years ago, but other than that, I can’t say it was a great decade. It was a decade filled with poor choices which led to a large piece of me going MIA. The dreams I had for life are unfulfilled, I’ve lost the drive and determination I once had.

While many were celebrating the New Year with parties at the local bar or at a friend’s house, I was snuggled in my bed, first depressed that I have allowed most of my friends to drift away and I had no plans, and later overjoyed at the opportunity that presented. My party of one became a party of two. Now, for as many years as she’ll let me, I hope to spend New Year’s Eve snuggled at home with my daughter. Watching the ball drop through the eyes of a child put so much into perspective for me.

This blog will be just as the header promises, always random, sometimes factual accounts of motherhood and the quest to find myself and other times excerpts of writing projects I have going. Thanks for stopping by!


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One Response to New Year, New Blog

  1. Mason B. says:

    I happened upon your website via a link provided by The happy Circumstance. I must say that I am most impressed with your writing abilities and talent. It is quite difficult to read many of the ‘blogs’ out there because the people who create them simply can not write well.

    I hope your new year is fruitful and that you are able to accomplish your lofty goals. Thank you for opening yourself up to the world. Take care.

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