Mama, pizza

I do believe I’m going to have to start changing at work.  I recently took back an old position and I’m the day manager for a local pizza place.  Apparently, my daughter knows the logo for the company and every time she sees my shirt she wants pizza.  That includes 8am as I’m trying to give her oatmeal and peaches!  And I have to say, “No pizza?” isn’t the type of welcome I cherish from my two year old!

Khaila’s back in daycare.  There’s a baby there, she’s trying to adjust to not being the only child, and she’s trying to adjust to not being allowed to run around like a wild child (but let’s not go there).  I must say, I love the baby boy there!  Today, she threw a toy at him (it did NOT hit him) and the sitter was trying to explain that we don’t throw toys because if they hit the baby, he’ll cry.  At that moment, he starts WAILING and Khaila got upset, she wanted the baby to know it was okay.  Hopefully she’ll realize that she doesn’t want the baby to cry and I won’t have to get more calls at work!

It’s 1am and I’m finally eating dinner.  Time to say goodnight!


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