So much for quitting

Here we are, it’s the 20th of January and I have to admit that I have NOT quit smoking.  While I thought I was ready, and in some ways I am, it’s already an incredibly stressful time and the added stress was literally driving me insane.  I’m still going to quit, I have called to get a free smoking cessation package that has samples and coupons for various products.  Next time I WILL beat this evil addiction that’s had a grasp on my life for too many years!  I think I’ll set rewards for myself and buy a few of the things I can’t afford right now.

On a brighter note, things may be looking up a bit in my marriage.  I’m not sure why this time, but I think he realized that I was serious about leaving if things didn’t improve.  I know I’m no saint and I have my own issues to work on but having both people working together seems much better than when I would work on mine and not see him trying.  Still too early to hold my breath but just maybe…

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2 Responses to So much for quitting

  1. quitting is tough!! hang in there – dont beat yourself up!

  2. bethiswfg says:

    Keep trying to quit! You may go through many starts and stops, but if you keep on trying, you’ll get it!

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