I have no clue why I’m so obsessed with autism.  I’m blessed that my daughter is not autistic and yet it’s something I can’t stop thinking about.  I think part of it may be a call I had when I worked for an insurance company.  I worked with providers, not beneficiaries, but occasionally we received calls that were misrouted.  This particular gentleman was about in tears with frustration.  They had found a therapist would was helping their son and once the “official” diagnosis came in, insurance stopped paying.  At one point he said, “All I want is for my boy to get better.  Why can’t you help me?”  That was over two years ago and it has stuck with me.

When I was watching Michaela on Ellen last week (from my post earlier today), I wound up crying in the middle of work because her mom said that the greatest moment was when her son FINALLY said, “I love you” to her.  Khaila’s favorite phrases are “I love you” and “Want kisses?”, I can’t imagine a life without those words!

Please take four minutes out of your day to watch this video from Five for Fighting.  They’re donating .49 cents for every view to autism research.  Something has to be done about this!

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One Response to Wow!

  1. bethiswfg says:

    Ah. I feel for that father trying to get help for his son and being denied. I’ve btdt. My son didn’t have autism, but it felt like the world had given up on him ever getting better and we were still trying to give him every chance.

    Thanks for passing on that link to the Five For Fighting video!

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