Late Night Ramblings

One day each week, I work a 14 hour day.  A lot can happen in 14 hours and there is always downtime, that’s where many of my random musings come from.

1.  I’m really getting tired of being reminded that Barrack Obama is black and Hillary Clinton is a woman.  I think most of us get that by now.  I’m equally sick of hearing about whether or not black “should” vote for Obama and whether or not women should vote for Clinton.  Would I like to see a black man elected president?  If he’s the best candidate for the job, yes.  Would I like to see a female president?  Again, if she’s the best candidate for the job.  These two don’t need to push their “minority” status to the country, the media is doing a wonderful job for them!

2.  Britney Spears, get some help!!  I have no clue what’s going on with this girl, whether it’s a mental illness or an act that’s keeping her in the spotlight, but YOU ARE A MOTHER!!!  When you chose to open your legs, you knew you could get pregnant and there are responsibilities that come along with that!  I could see post-partum depression being part of the issue, and if so, I truly hope that she can acknowledge it and get professional help to deal with it.  Her antics used to be amusing, now they’re just sad!

3.  Windshield wipers are manufactured so the ONLY place they will go bad is in your line of vision.  I’m sure they do this so you have to replace them more often, like every single snowstorm!

4.  Brett Favre WILL be back!  I can’t see him going out on a sour note, and I think all of us have to admit that throwing the interception that led to a Giants field goal in overtime is a bit of a sour note!  There’s always next year!

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