Rest in peace, Mama Mary

I had started to blog about trying to find myself when the phone rang.  It was a good friend of mine, Jim, who also happens to be an ex from my teen years.  He got ahold of me Friday night to let me know his mom was on life support.  Tonight, he called to let me know that they had pulled the plug last night and she passed peacefully.

I was blessed to have three hours alone with her years ago, driving down the interstate in the dark.  She needed a ride to meet her husband to give him gas money to get home from Florida and I was volunteered for the job.  That night, I learned more about the man I was in love with and his family than I ever could have from him, probably more than he realized I knew.

Not too long after that night, my relationship with her son went south and we moved on with our lives.  I drove past her old house many times wondering how she was and if she still lived there.  This past year, I ran into Jim again and found out that his parents had moved to  Florida because of his mom’s health.  I told him several times to tell her I said hi but wasn’t sure if the message had been passed along.

Last month, he handed me the phone.  It was Mary.  We talked for about 20 minutes catching up on life, we said “I love you” and I passed the phone back to Jim.  Tonight, I’m thankful for that night, thankful that although I didn’t get to say goodbye, I can remember the last time I told her I loved her and how much she meant to me.

I’ll miss you Mama.  Please know that I will do my best to help Jim get through the grief that will set in at some point.  And I hope that you’re looking down from heaven and see that even with his flaws, he’s a great man, a dear friend, and a wonderful father!

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One Response to Rest in peace, Mama Mary

  1. bethiswfg says:

    I’m sorry about your friend’s death. There aren’t any words to convey it properly…

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