What I was going to say last night

I’m not going to recreate what I started to write last night.  In the moment, I didn’t save it as a draft for a later date.  At the same time, I read something on a local blog today that reinforced what I have been feeling.

For too many years, I’ve tried to identify my political views by trying to align them with someone around me.  Both my ex-husband and Rick consider themselves to be conservatives.  My family is liberal.  I felt a pull to be with my spouse or my family as if I had to be with one or the other and I would worry about upsetting the other “side”.

Today, I read a local blogger’s comment that she has an issue with one candidate for school board from the start because this candidate happens to be the superintendent’s neighbor and “who knows what they’ve talked about”.

I was the time keeper at the last school board debate.  It’s not a glamorous job, but it’s a chance to share something that my father enjoys (he is into local politics and he was one of the moderators) and a good way to get involved in local politics and learn something.  For this blogger to infer that the candidate will be “nothing more than the superintendent’s puppet” is an insult.   She has not taken the time to learn what Kathi stands for, rather she has already made a judgment based on what she thinks of someone else.

The comments made in that blog post have strengthened my desire to learn where candidates stand on issues important to ME and vote based on that.  I don’t want to be an uninformed voter who winds up giving a reason not related to the job for why I did/didn’t vote for them or worse, not be able to say why I voted for the person.

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