Just when I thought I had nothing…

I was going to check in for the night without writing anything, then it happened.  Rick offered to make me a ‘duckfart coffee’ (don’t ask, it was named YEARS ago when I worked at a restaurant bar and the staff drank after close), a concoction of Baileys, Crown Royal, and coffee (or Kahlua if you’re drinking it as a shot).  I told him that an ice cream sundae sounded even better.  One scoop of strawberry ice cream, tons o’ hot fudge, and even more whipped cream.

What I got was Rick’s attempt to compromise.  Strawberry ice cream IN my coffee with the Baileys and Crown, using my coffee from earlier so it had vanilla caramel creamer in it.  I do love him for trying, but I am convinced he has no concept of flavor overload!  This is simply the latest creation to combine more flavors than should be allowed by law!

Next time I’ll just take the drink and not say that something else sounds better!

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