A good time was had by all

Today, as promised, we got out of the house.  Having a husband who has avoided going out in public for various reasons for most of our marriage, I was sure it wouldn’t happen or that we would have a “girls day” which generally means me trying to be happy on the outside and enjoy time with Khaila while I’m ticked at Rick for not tagging along.

Adding to the uncertainty, the destination I picked out was Olbrich Botanical Gardens which anyone who knows Rick will agree is about the furthest down the list on places (or type of place) he would like to go on a Sunday afternoon.  Surprisingly, he was completely on board with my idea, we packed up the van and headed to Madison.

First stop was by my work to feed the apparently starving-because-her-parents-don’t-love-her two year old.  I work six days a week, the last thing I wanted today was pizza but she has been asking for it all week and couldn’t have it because she had been sick.  Next stop was Wal-Mart which is more exciting that it should be.  We recently got a Super Wal-Mart that has underground parking, many energy saving features such as skylights and flourescent lighting that is set to a light sensor so they dim depending on the natural light coming in (today most of the lights were off, it was interesting to shop in a mega store by natural light), and they have CART ESCALATORS!!!  I should not be so excited by something like that but I am.  What will they think of next???

The botanical gardens were a blast.  Khaila had fun looking at all the different plants, the birds, and the ginormous koi that were swimming through the ponds.  She enjoyed the upper level the most and kept trying to climb the steps to the steamy walkway.  While we weren’t there long and we didn’t make the trek outside today I think it was a success and I think we will definitely be going back!  Where else can you entertain a family for $2.00 and learn something in the process?

Next week we’ll be heading to the Madison Childrens Museum.  Being frugal, we’re going that day because it’s free the first Sunday of each month.  If we enjoy that, once Rick is back to work a family pass will be on the list of things to get.

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One Response to A good time was had by all

  1. bethiswfg says:

    I’ve never seen such a ‘green’ or sophisticated wal-mart! I’d be excited too! lol.

    I’m glad it was a good day! It always helps when everyone is on board for the fun.

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