B is for Back

Or birth control, you choose!  It seems that there is a downside to having a kid quickly.  When I delivered Khaila, the labor was under eight hours and the pushing was about 20 minutes total.  That sounds lovely until you fast forward about six months.  About that time, I found out that I had messed up a disk in my back (probably during the fast delivery according to two doctors) and once that was combined with lifting and caring for a little one it got to the point where I could barely move.

Now, two years later, I have a job where I’m constantly on my feet.  This is not good for someone who could stand to lose about 70 pounds!  I’m working on the weight issue (and I would assume I’m getting somewhere given the number of compliments I’ve gotten from friends and family lately) but it’s not quite enough.  Tonight, on the advice of a friend, I picked up a beginner yoga DVD.  I’m hoping it will help stretch my back as well as give me a way to relax.  As I tell my stepmom, I like “calm Heather” much more than “stressed Heather”.

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One Response to B is for Back

  1. bethiswfg says:

    ah, killer backs! I can relate. My back has a tendancy to go out all the time. I wonder if it has to do with my two quick births? mmm..never thought of that.

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