E is for Eclectic

That is the only way to describe my music preferences. Tonight I am listening to my “writing” playlist and I’ve realized that one of the gifts I received from my father was a diverse taste in music. The song playing as I write this is “Why Walk When You Can Fly” by Mary-Chapin Carpenter. The next song in queue is “I Like to Move It” from the Madagascar soundtrack. There is also Edie Brickell, KT Tunstall, Joss Stone, Rascal Flatts, Jim Croce, Usher, Hinder, Buckcherry, and countless others sitting on this list.  It’s all dad’s fault!

I can remember sitting on the floor of the living room in the house on State Street (the street in Oregon-the-town-not-the-state, not State Street in Madison) pulling albums out of the cabinet trying to find the albums that dad and I wanted to listen to. Some that I can still picture are John Prine, Simon and Garfunkel, Jim Croce, Michael Jackson, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Roger Miller, and Iron Butterfly.

To be totally honest, some of my best memories of time spent with dad include music, I suppose it’s a sort of soundtrack of my childhood. There was the morning I went to Storm Lake, Iowa with him in his semi and we had to wait until “Money For Nothing” was done playing on the stereo before we could go in to eat breakfast. There was the day of the regatta in Madison when dad took me to Ella’s Deli on State Street (the one in Madison) for breakfast and “The Longest Time” playing on MTV. Jamming to Fine Young Cannibals and UB40 on various trips. My dad threatening to hang a Z104 DJ by his toes from our front tree if he didn’t playing “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode.

I think I was blessed to be raised by a man with exquisite, eclectic taste in music. I honestly can’t think of anything that he listens to that I would call “fuddy music”. Heck, there are a lot of his CDs that I would love to borrow and recently I had one he wanted to borrow. I love the fact that I don’t roll my eyes at what he listens to!

Well, that got derailed a bit! Time to settle into the couch with my water, my apple, and my husband to watch Eli Stone. No clue if we’ll enjoy it but it’s part of trying to make more time for each other.

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  1. grumps says:

    You’re welcome.

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