Eli Stone

I hadn’t caught much of the previews for the show, hadn’t looked at the ABC website to see what it was all about.  All I could tell Rick was that it was about a guy who heard George Michael’s “Faith” and it looked funny.  I don’t think Rick was terribly thrilled as he sat down on the couch tonight but we made a pact to do something together every night and tonight we had agreed to give a new show a shot.

Within the first 15 minutes, both of us were hooked.  I’m sure this is a sign that the show will be short lived but I really hope it will survive!  I also hope ABC had a fair number of episodes taped so it will give me new viewing material through the end of the writers’ strike, which I’m sure we can all agree needs to end soon.

It should be interesting to see how his engagement to the boss’ daughter goes since they mentioned in the previews that the visions tell him which cases to take.  I’m sure it won’t be smooth sailing all the time!  I hope the acupuncturist has a recurring role, I’m sure he will since he was a key player in the premiere.

Rick and I have set a date for next Thursday at 9pm.

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