F is for Family

It’s been a rocky road with my husband, Rick.  I won’t go into all of the details, but let’s say that for the past seven months I’ve been teetering at the edge of the cliff.  Things had gotten to a point where I was 110% certain that we were doomed.  It wasn’t until recently that I started to feel any sense of hope.

Throughout the course of our marriage both of us have had issues with the other.  In the past, we would make a half-hearted effort to change but it seemed to slip back to what it had been if not worse.  I can’t say that things are all better because it will take a long time to know that but I can say that I feel like I’ve taken a few steps back from the edge of that cliff and I feel like I have a good view of the ways this marriage can go.  If we keep having days like today, weeks like this week, there could be hope.

Tonight, Rick was upset because he had been hoping for some family time and I had made plans to pick up my brother from the hockey game.  His truck is broken and he relies on his siblings for rides.  In some ways, I’ve enjoyed him being without wheels because I feel like we’ve grown closer than we ever have been in the past.
Back to my story, I decided to ask Rick if he would like to go to my work, get dinner, and then run errands with me.  It sounds silly, but in the past months, this has been something I have either done alone or Khaila and I have gone leaving Rick at home.  We went to dinner, went to Super Wal-Mart (and I had to laugh as a guy watched the cart escalator, fascinated), Rick and Khaila both got haircuts, we grabbed ice cream, stopped in to my work to get something I left, and then met up with my brother and came home.

Tonight, for the first time in way too long, I looked at my husband and saw the man that I fell in love with.  Tonight, I wasn’t looking at the other families that were wherever we were, wishing I could have a relationship like that with my husband and daughter.  Tonight, we were that family.

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