G is for Generations

My daughter is the fifth living generation on my dad’s side of the family.  This is a big deal since her great-great grandmother was 102 (I believe) when Khaila was born.  Grandma can’t see and is hard of hearing, but she’s more there than many 70 year olds I’ve met.

This is a picture of Khaila and her great-great grandma from Easter last year.  Somewhere I do have one from Thanksgiving but I can’t find that disk right now!  I think every picture I have of them has Grandma squeezing Khaila’s legs or arms.  Grandma doesn’t see well at all so that’s how she gets a feel (no pun intended) for how big Khaila is getting.

It was fun to go up for Thanksgiving.  Khaila is getting old enough that she remembers people longer and she remembers stuff longer.  In November, she went straight to the closet where the toy basket is kept.  I have no clue how many generations have played with those toys, but I can tell you that every toy Khaila plays with now is one that I played with when I was a kid.

Sorry if this post is short and doesn’t make a lot of sense, I just got done working over 50 hours this week and I’m looking at about 65 hours in the coming week.  My brain is Jello right now!

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