My Superbowl Strategy

I really don’t care who wins the Superbowl.  I’m sure my mother-in-law would be hurt to hear me say that since she’s a Patriots fan, but I don’t.  I’m not going to any big Superbowl parties, I didn’t enter any pools.  We had planned to go to the Childrens Museum today but since it’s my only day off and my back is still sore from one insanely busy hour of work this week and slipping around after a pipe burst last night, I’m going to opt for a day at home.

Since I don’t have a favorite to win tonight, I’m going to use the game to get some much needed housework done.  My strategy will be to get up and clean like a mad woman during the game and rush back to the TV as they go to commercial break.   I don’t want to risk missing the next big thing as far as advertising, I want to be able to have intelligent conversations about the ads instead of saying, “I don’t know, didn’t see it.” every time someone is talking about a great commercial.

A bit backwards, yes, but by the end of the night I will be entertained and hopefully have a clean house!

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