J is for Just good to be home!

We got hit with a near record breaking snowfall in a near record breaking winter.  I’m sure the record will be broken before spring is here.  Tuesday, I called my dad from work to see what his thoughts were on me driving home after work (at midnight).  He told me to settle into the motel room that my work offered to pay for and ride out the storm.  Wednesday morning I knew that if I had gone home there was no way I would have gotten into work.  By noon, I was wondering if I should have tried to go home Tuesday night (when it still didn’t seem so bad) as I called the motel to reserve a room for a second night.

We shut down delivery service at about 2pm and closed for carryout at 3pm.  I would have stayed longer but it seemed stupid to sit there so people could laugh at me when I told them they could come and pick up food but we wouldn’t deliver it.  I was also slightly annoyed by the references to a decades old commercial where a pizza delivery car (matchbox) was driving down the streets (in a diorama) in the middle of a blizzard (flour).  As I told one driver when he called to find out what the deal was for the night, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, but don’t expect a freaking pizza.”  Yes, even we have our limits.

I finally made it home yesterday, approximately 56 hours after leaving for work Tuesday morning.  The good news is that I had a place to stay and wasn’t stuck along the road somewhere.  The bad news is the beds were hard and there was a screaming infant in the room next to me so it felt like I had been up for 56 straight hours.  My brother stopped by work yesterday to get lunch and as bizarre as it sounds, I have never been so happy to hug my brother in 28 years!

I have pictures of the snow on the camera but I’m tired and my bed misses me!

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