Enough already!

We’re getting more snow and blowing tonight.  This would be bad enough during a normal winter, but this is a record-breaking winter and I think everyone is sick of it!  I tried to get out of work at 5pm, the night manager laughed at me.  I would be upset with him but I understand that the thought of working alone on a Saturday with bad weather and temps lower than most freezers is not smart.

We compromised and I got out early.  The first part of the drive was hairy.  No more than35-40 in a 65 zone and not many people were stupid enough to try passing.  Three cars in the ditch before I decided that my nerves needed a break and I needed to smoke but wasn’t about to while driving.  Slid at the bottom of the ramp, nothing major.  Noticed a cop on the other shoulder, eased off the gas.  In the mile between the highway and town, there were two more cars in the ditch and the snow was blowing so hard you couldn’t tell if you were on the road.

After picking up essential groceries for the weekend (aka, I’m not going shopping tomorrow if it’s snotty out) I hit the road again.  Parts of the road were fine.  Other parts were glare ice or had snow drifts over the entire lane.  Now I’m home and with any luck I’m not leaving until Monday morning.

Here are a couple pictures from the storm.

The sidewalk by my dad’s house.  This is pretty much just from the most recent storm, everything had melted the day before when it was 40 and raining!

If you are thinking about volunteering to help your brother shovel, find out what’s involved first!  The top of the fire hydrant was barely poking through the snow when we got there and we dug about a foot (if not more) in before we found the curb.  Not complaining, just saying it’s nice to be a renter sometimes!

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