M is for Morning

I am the ultimate NOT-a-morning-person.  I don’t think I ever have been.  That being said, when I can manage to drag myself out of bed, morning is my most productive time.  Why is that?

It’s not so much that I dread morning, it’s more that I really like to sleep.  I keep telling Khaila that some day she will appreciate the value of sleeping, after all, she is half Brooks!  I heard a comedian on Bob and Tom say that he’s addicted to the snooze button.  It’s not so much that he loves waking up but every time that alarm goes off and he hits snooze, he gets to enjoy the act of going to sleep all over again.  I can understand and appreciate this comment.

This morning, I woke up BEFORE the alarm went off.  A couple minutes later, Khaila woke up and came in.  We sat in bed until the alarm went off, got up, I got her breakfast and myself a cup of coffee.  While she ate, I started puttering around the house.  Within 15 minutes, I was dressed.  All of these are things that I usually struggle to do on my day off.

Now I just have to figure out how to occupy a two year old inside for the day.  We’ve been escaping the house on Sundays lately but no matter what my dad says, it’s too cold to go outside and play!

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