N is for Nada

I’ve started my N post twice and both times I was less than impressed with the product.  Apparently today is one of those days I have nothing useful to say.  I could bore everyone with talk of my day, the changes I’m trying to make in my life, but it all seems blah to me.  If it’s blah to me, I can only imagine the numb minds I would create by putting those thoughts on paper.

I read witty, thoughtful posts from other bloggers and I have to admit that there are times it makes me feel inadequate.  I read Colby’s blog and laugh my butt off.  I read my dad’s blog and I’m awed at how similar yet different we are, how different the topics of our blogs are. I read Jenn’s blog and sometimes learn new tidbits, other times I get a touch of reassurance on being a mom.   Every day, I’m finding new blogs that I want to stalk for various reasons.  In comparison, I feel like my writing is dry, disjointed drivel.  Today is a day that I feel like that.

Tomorrow, I’m going to try something new.  I’m going to try blogging while I enjoy my morning coffee, when I’m refreshed.  There has to be a key to finding my voice, finding a path, finding a purpose.  I hope that someday I find that key.

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One Response to N is for Nada

  1. Heehee, it is good to know I can make someone laugh. There are days I feel like I force a blog post…but I just try to ignore that, lol. I like this letter thing…am thinking of giving it a try sometime!

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