P is for Passion

Tonight, I did the same thing I do every Wednesday night.  I took my brother to his pool league and sat there waiting for him to get done.  When it first started, I was bored and quiet.  I’ve gotten to know the guys a bit more and I’ve opened up a bit.  There’s one of his teammates who manages to catch my attention when he starts talking about his work.  He’s a computer programmer in the military.  The passion he has for his job is infectious.

In April, he will retire from the military and be a civilian once again.  Rather than the excitement he showed when it was a tentative date, tonight there was sadness.  His paperwork is complete and the date is set.  Everyone tried telling him that he should be excited, start planning a retirement party, etc.  He said he’s really not sure if he wants to celebrate or not.  This is all he’s known for 20 years and he can’t imagine life not doing what he’s doing now.  It was interesting to listen to him, he truly seems to be preparing to mourn a career ending.

It makes me wonder, how many people out there feel passion for what they do for a living?  What’s my passion?  Will I figure it out before I’m old and gray?

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One Response to P is for Passion

  1. I wish I was passionate about something, too. Maybe one day.

    And I understand how he feels. 20 years having the military basically take care of every need and then having to come into the real world? Me, I’d have stayed in until they forced me out had I not left after 7. You don’t have to retire after 20.

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