Customer service

Nearly every day a bubbly blond woman comes in to my work and orders the same thing.  She gets a slice of either cheese or veggie pizza (depends on what the veggies are) and a can of Diet Dr. Pepper.  For nearly a month she’s been a staple of my day.

I’m not sure who is more dumbfounded by our daily interactions.  Every day, she comments on how it amazes her that I remember her order.  Every day it amazes me that she is surprised.  It’s not a hard order, she’s always polite, and she’s in frequently.  Why wouldn’t I learn and remember her order?  Has our world become so hurried that it’s no longer the norm for staff at a business you frequent to remember you?  Are employees too busy trying to get to the next customer or the next task to remember those who treat them well?

It makes me feel good when I go somewhere and they remember me.  It’s a minor validation that in some way I have left my mark on their world.  I’m not just “pump five” when I go to Kwik Trip, I’m the woman who comes in to pay for her gas and gets Mountain Dew, two cheese sticks, bananas, and a pack of Camel Wide Lights.  They know me and know what I want.

Please, if you work in a customer service environment, take a moment to remember your customers as people rather than just another rushed sale or phone call.

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2 Responses to Customer service

  1. I really feel good when we’re recognized and welcomed. There’s a small Chinese buffet I go to with my family and they recognize us the instant we walk in, treat us very well. I appreciate that and pay them back by revisiting quite often.

  2. I really liked this post, it was very thoughtful. Perhaps the lady doesn’t get remembered anywhere else- you are probably an exception to her, despite the fact that it should be normal. It should be, but isn’t. Nice post.

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