Diane, Sidney, and Dale

Three names with one thing in common.  They are the lesser-known middle names of some of our presidential candidates.  I felt compelled to find out the answer to a question that filled my head all day today and there is the answer.

Talk radio seemed to be abuzz with discussion about Bill Cunningham using Barack Obama’s full name, Barack Hussein Obama, three times while speaking before John McCain in Ohio. The hot question was “Was it offensive for Mr. Cunningham to use Barack Obama’s full name?”

Well, on one hand, it’s not automatically offensive or malicious.  At the same time, if his name was Barack Patrick Obama, would there be anything said about it?  For some reason, I highly doubt it.  Did Bill Cunningham refer to Mrs. Clinton as “Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton“?  Would he refer to Mr. Huckabee as “Michael Dale Huckabee“?  I doubt it.  He was playing up the fact that Barack Obama’s name contains the name of a very evil man.  He was trying to make sure there was a connection in the minds of those attending the rally.

Furthermore, would it be as damning if a candidate had the middle name of Adolf, Benito, Joseph, etc?

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2 Responses to Diane, Sidney, and Dale

  1. I agree. It’s stupid that people are playing up his middle name. He’s not trying to hide it.

  2. stamperdad says:

    Interesting post and idea. Middle names are not used much, but Hussein is not your “normal” one. However, it is a very common name in other parts of the world both Muslim and Christian.

    Won’t it be something though when and if he is inaugurated,

    “do you Barack Hussein Obama swear…….”

    It would certainly be a milestone day for the United States.

    Liked the post very much. Keep up the good work.

    Steve B. Davis, Calgary, Alberta

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