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“I’ll start that _____”

Once again, I found myself saying that I would start something on a certain date rather than just doing it. The last time, I wanted to start a diet but it was mid-week. At first, I said I would start … Continue reading

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First assignment complete!

My first writing assignment was to write a character study.  My first attempt was decent, but knowing that we will have to incorporate this character into a future story, I took another stab at it. Thomas Morris is a great … Continue reading

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“An Unlikely Mommy”

Thanks to the writing course that I’m taking, I am revisiting romance novels. I wouldn’t say that I was turned off from the passionate, intense love scenes of the romances my mom read, but it became something I’m not big … Continue reading

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Adventures in Potty Training

Well, we’re doing it. We’re trying (again) to potty train Khaila. She got some training pants from Nana and Pop-Pop for Easter and I figured yesterday was a good day to start. My mom had Khaila for the day, so … Continue reading

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WAHM Success and Failure

When I tried working from home before, it didn’t work well for me.  I was too easily distracted, too easily swayed by the hazel eyes of a toddler begging to play, to willing to accept, “All done, YEAH!” from the … Continue reading

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Holidays are a Drain!

I love my family.  I love spending time with them.  I absolutely hate the entire “holiday hoopla” that surrounds many gatherings of the entire family.  Luckily, Easter is a relatively small holiday in the sense that we pick one segment … Continue reading

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The Internet is the Devil!

I sit down to write and somehow that pesky Firefox window opens within minutes.  I open my transcription audio program, open a fresh document so I can make some money, and there’s Firefox again.  If I could get rid of … Continue reading

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