Cash for baby pics

Apparently the new trends in Hollywood are showing up to awards shows pregnant and selling the rights to your little one’s pictures to the highest bidder.  And isn’t it interesting how People seems to be the highest bidder more often than not.  In recent weeks, Tori Spelling, her son Liam, and her baby bump, Christina Aguilera and son Max, and Nicole Richie and Harlow have been the cover story.  I think the only break from a tot making their grand debut were the weeks when Heath Ledger’s death was on the cover.  I could be wrong, but I know that each issue I have has a mom and baby on the cover.

Why has it become so much more common than it used to be?  I can’t remember a time in the past when so many “Look at my kid” stories were considered front page news.  Has our society become so obsessed with celebrities that now they aren’t enough, we feel the need to have access to their children as well?

In some ways, I applaud the parents who go out of their way to keep their children shielded from the media.  It’s rare to see a picture of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s daughter, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s son, or Julia Roberts’ children (among countless others) in any publication.  Now, as soon as a female celeb goes into labor it seems like the buzz starts to have to know the name, baby’s stats, and see what they look like.

I’ve heard that part of the reason celebs are choosing this route is to supposedly protect the children, to make sure that rights are secured so other publications can’t (or shouldn’t) snap pics and publish them first.  I’m not sure how much I buy that.  Sure, it sounds good in theory but how long before that’s not enough?  I worry that this trend may be opening a Pandora’s box.

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