Liars exposed

It seems to be a big week for people who felt the need to inflate or completely contrive their past to be exposed for what they are.

First, Misha Defonseca admitted that she was not raised by wolves during the Holocaust.

Today, I open MSN and find that Robert Irvine from Dinner:Impossible has admitted to being creative with his resume.  He didn’t cook for the British Royals, he didn’t cook for U.S. Presidents.  Does that make him less entertaining to watch?  No. Is it disappointing, very much so.  I didn’t watch because of who he did or didn’t prepare meals for in the past.  I watched his show because it was entertaining.  I enjoyed seeing him take on challenges and succeed or fail.  Now, because he felt the need to lie on his resume, he will no longer be on the show.
The article I read did say that execs may review their decision at the end of the season, but I’m not sure how I would feel if they did change their minds.  He lied and shouldn’t get away with it just because he’s successful and draws in big numbers for the show.  What message does that send to younger people who are at the point where they are willing to do anything to land a great job?

This isn’t the first time that Food Network has dealt with personalities on their network coming forward to say they hadn’t been truthful.  I was a huge fan of Jag, aka Joshua Garcia, on Next Food Network Star.  He was absolutely adorable, charismatic, and had claimed to have served in Afghanistan and said he graduated from The New York Restaurant School.  Both were lies.  He was exposed after the season started and it wasn’t until the very end that he came clean.  He could have won the show.  He could be a star right now but he lied.  Luckily he grew up a bit, admitted to what he had done, and withdrew himself from the competition.

One has to wonder, do people who do this wear pads in their pants to ease the pain of kicking themselves daily?

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One Response to Liars exposed

  1. Kathleen says:

    I don’t know if they even realize that THEY did anything wrong. In my experience, people like that tend to blame the world for catching them instead of actually feeling bad for the lie.

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