V is for Visualization

Many people say that visualizing is a good stepping stone to success.  I think part of my problem is visualization.  I can see myself doing all these great things but I either don’t know how or just don’t follow through on them.  The potential for greatness is there, now I just have to take the steps to realize my goals.  Oh, and I think it would help to realize which of the visualizations to follow.  I think a big setback is the “I don’t know what to do so I’m going to try it all” mentality.

I would love to write.  I’m not sure that will ever be more than a hobby, but I need to work on honing my skills so I can share my work with others if I choose without being so insecure.

I still think that as a “big person goal” I would do well with marketing.  I already do quite a bit of marketing for my current company and I enjoy it.  Looking at the numbers, finding out what is selling, what isn’t selling but we want it to, and figuring out how to draw in more business stimulates my mind.  I have the application on the table to return to school in the fall, now I just have to fill it out and see if we’ll be able to swing it financially.

I enjoy transcription, but as I mentioned before, I’m not sure I can drum up enough business on my own to be as successful as I would like to be with that.  One benefit of transcription is that I would have the flexibility to set my own hours, determine my own income, etc.  If I wanted, I could build up the business to the point where I am once again an at-home mom.  If that was to happen, I think it would be essential to find playgroups to get involved with.  I need adult interaction and Khaila needs kid interaction.  We get along well, but I don’t think we’re enough for each other.

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