A bunch of political toddlers?

Since January, I’ve had an issue with the DNC for slapping Florida and Michigan and stripping them of their delegates.  Tonight, as I read into the situation, it seems like we have a bunch of middle aged toddlers fighting.

My original issue is the fact that the Democratic citizens of the two states didn’t decide when the primaries would be.  To me, the DNC stripping their delegates seemed to say that the residents didn’t matter, that their voices didn’t need to be heard.

Now, I read that the DNC was penalizing Michigan and Florida because they moved up the primary to protest other states going first and having “disproportionate influence”.  So the decision was made because they weren’t picked first?  Is this a game of playground Red Rover or deciding the fate of our nation?  Do they get more delegates for going early?

As the primary season progresses, this whole situation just seems to be a giant sore spot on the party.  Now that it’s a close race and Hillary “won” both states, she wants their delegates counted.  Obama doesn’t want them counted if she gets victories for the boycotted elections.  Again, toddlers!

I think the only fair and right thing to do at this point is to pretend that Florida and Michigan haven’t had their Democratic primary and unleash the beasts candidates and their troops on the two states to duke it out and have a primary where maybe, just maybe, the citizens will feel that it’s important to get out and vote because their voices DO matter.  And in 2012, I think the teacher needs to sit everyone down and explain the rules of the game to everyone so we don’t have anyone pouting on the swingset.

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