Sunday’s Random Observation

Have you ever really read the directions on a box of brownies?  Stir 50 times with a spoon.  Can anyone tell me what will happen if I lose track and stir 53 times?  What if I have a bad shoulder and use a blender?  Do I have to count how many times the beaters spin around?  How many rotations equal one “spoon stir”?  Next, it says do not cut until completely cool.  Surely they don’t expect me to sit down with the entire pan and a fork, do they?  The best part of making brownies (alright, second best) is having one while it’s warm.

Now, I really should get back to researching Montessori schools for Khaila.  Every day is another affirmation that we aren’t going to be enough for her much longer.  That girl needs to be around teachers who will be able to continue challenging her and guiding us.

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