Wednesday Morning Party Crashing

Wow!  This morning I logged on and there are now 1283 participants in the Ultimate Blog Party!  So many blogs, so little time.  My plans to get up early and enjoy my coffee before Khaila woke up didn’t work out.  Hubby got up, turned off the alarm, and let me sleep until he was on his way out the door.  Dang him for being sweet!  If you care to follow me, here are some of the party blogs I checked out.

A Little {Web} Space to Call My Own:  The newest partier when I logged in this morning!  Her header image is wonderful!
Moomette’s Musings: What a fun name!  Be sure to check out her blog, she has a giveaway going for a Waterford crystal clock!
Hip Mama’s Place: Most days I don’t feel like a “hip mama” but it’s fun to read about them!
All I Hear is Blah, Blah, Blah: A barefoot party!  I don’t have the feet to go out in public barefoot but I can do a virtual party barefoot!
Love in Paradise: Doesn’t that just sound wonderful?
Homemaker Barbi: Stop by to wish her a happy birthday!

Now, as much as I would love to party all day, I have to get ready for work and make some phone calls.  I’m hoping to get info from a couple more schools and possibly set up times to meet with them.

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One Response to Wednesday Morning Party Crashing

  1. emilypage says:

    Thanks for stopping by! Happy partying!

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