PBS, you’ve upset my routine!

Really, I love PBS.  Since we don’t have cable, it’s the one channel that I know Khaila can watch and I don’t have to worry that she’s being exposed to something I don’t want her to be.  This week and last, they’ve been doing their fund drive.  I’m a HUGE supporter of these drives.  I know that they are essential to the network.

What upsets me is when they change the morning programming to reflect the promotion they are offering for sponsorship.  When you have a child who doesn’t tell time, you rely on other methods of helping them understand when it’s time to do things.  In our house, Dragon Tales is on first thing in the morning.  This is when Khaila has breakfast and I have my coffee.  Once Sesame Street comes on, I get in the shower and once I’m dressed, Khaila knows it’s time to get her dressed and ready for the day.  Today, we’ve had over an hour of Dragon Tales.  She doesn’t think we should be getting dressed and I can’t fault her logic.  “Mommy, Elmo’s not on.  Don’t want to get dressed.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go win this round of the battle!

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One Response to PBS, you’ve upset my routine!

  1. Unfocused Me says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Breakfast for my kids is SUPPOSED to be during Word World, which has been helping Junior get interested in reading. He’s been working hard on learning to read, I think in large part because of this show. But is it on during the pledge drive? Noooooo. It’s all Curious George, all morning it seems like, which is fine, and cute, and whatever, but doesn’t teach Junior anything except how to act like a monkey. Which he is already pretty good at.

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