Canine Family

It’s once again time for the AW Blog Chain! This month, DTKelly began the discussion by talking about how we are slaves to our animals. Donna continued by talking about her minpin and trying to write on the floor. She is seeking Haldol because the normal meds aren’t cutting it.

I’ve decided that I’m much more of a dog aunt than a dog mom. There are people who feel this way with human kids, I feel this way about canine kids. I have had dogs, five as an adult (three passed on, one ran away, and one is talked about below) and one when I was a child (but I was too young to remember that dog). There was a time in my life when I loved having dogs. I loved playing with them and walking them, even snuggling up on the couch with them.

In 2006, when we moved to our current home, we had to give up our dog. Juniper is a Staffie that we rescued from the shelter. She was a sweet, lovable dog, we just couldn’t find a place that would take her. I got her in November of 2004, the same month I got pregnant. She was my protector when I was pregnant, she loves Khaila, she’s a great dog.

When we were facing having to get rid of her, my mom and her husband said they would take her in so we didn’t have to take her back to the shelter. She was so depressed when we met her, I couldn’t stand the thought of taking her back. She had this way of looking at those who walked past her kennel as if to say, “You’re not going to take me so don’t bother stopping.” When we met her in the viewing room, she was a completely different dog. She played tug with Rick, gave me kisses, it was great!

The thing is, once Khaila was born, I felt like my time with Juniper wasn’t enough. I was so busy working and taking care of the house that there simply wasn’t enough time for her. Now that I’m just shy of two years removed from the full-time responsibility, I’m not sure if or when I would own another dog. I don’t know if I’m cut out to be mommy to both a curious toddler and a playful pup.

At this stage in my life, I’m going to let other people in my life parent the dogs. I’m going to be the “aunt” who goes over, feeds them treats, plays with them, and once they’re wound up, say goodbye! I’ll leave the poop-scooping, feeding, training, etc to those who possess the patience to do so!

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14 Responses to Canine Family

  1. Polenth says:

    I prefer playing with other people’s dogs too. Having to walk them daily has never appealed to me. I like walking, but you can’t daydream when you’re watching a dog.

  2. freshhell says:

    When my first daughter was about 18 months old, our cat had to be put to sleep (kidney failure). We’d lost our other cat to the same ailment when I was 7 months pregnant. Things were too crazy at the time to consider kittens with a baby in the house and the deaths were simply too traumatic. I became a “cat aunt” too after that. We’ve only recently adopted new ones – outdoor barn cats.

  3. D.T. Kelly says:

    I think it’s perfectly fine to be a dog aunt, and I think it’s great that you’ve recognized that you can’t be more than that at this time.

    I grew up with a dog, and while I wish I could offer the same to my kids, our living arrangement is one that just isn’t conducive to having a dog. Maybe someday, though. 😉

  4. Kathleen says:

    I adopted my dog thinking that he would be nice and happy with us, but he is sooo neurotic. Makes me sad 😦

  5. LOL- yes, the way you just described how you feel about owning a dog is the way I feel about having a child…I’d rather be the wacky aunt 🙂

  6. Donna says:

    I’m with Colby on this one, at least for now. I’m the aunt to my friends’ children and I’m the dog mom first. I do understand, though, the weight of owning a dog and having a small child at the same time. My friend’s kids want a puppy and both her and her husband said absolutely not because they’ll just end up taking care of it and it’ll be a third child. I think dogs are good for older kids but not when the parents are stretched enough as it is with a completely dependent child.

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  8. MTNester says:

    Being an aunt definitely has it’s appeal from the view of an owner of three.

  9. Gillian says:

    I like being an aunt. My mother says it’s like being a grandmother: you can hand the child/pet back when needed.

  10. I’m still too young… my relationship with my friends’ kids is more like big sister. It’s still very cool to be a big sister and have my own place and car and all that.

    I enjoy taking my friends’ kids to outings. They don’t understand why I’m willing to wait for a couple hours in a dancing class waiting room, or try to navigate through utterly insane school parking lots; but there it is. Never had siblings or that great of a childhood, so I guess I’m making up for it!

  11. vinjii says:

    What is it with you people giving me the impression, I should not own a dog? That’s the only thing I could keep thinking while reading the last three chainposts.

  12. Mary Lewis says:

    Dogs remind me of toddlers. Just smart enough to discover the things they should stay out of, but not smart enough to leave them alone.

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  14. bental88 says:

    I think you did the right thing in leaving the dogs to your parents.This will give yourself a space to breadth for you to cope with your new born child. It’s good to put your energy on your child.Becuase the first two years with the child is very important and also your prarents can well taken care of the dog.

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