Regular Customers

It’s interesting to see the differences in the lives we imagine our regular customers having versus their real lives.  We have this older gentleman who comes in almost every day, orders two slices and a soda, sits in a booth and reads for hours.  We’ve stopped waiting until he leaves to clean up after the rush because there were days he would still be sitting there when we left.

I think all of us had the same mental picture of this guy’s life.  We figured that he was probably single, possibly a retired professor (based on his reading selections), and a bit lonely sitting at home to read.  Coming to see us was interaction with people and a chance to get out of the house.  Monday, he blew some of our assumptions out of the water.  He came in with a young woman.  After they ordered, he introduced her as his daughter.  Yesterday, they were in again.  She’s home for spring break and spending the week with dad.

I absolutely love watching dads with their little girls.  I like other combinations of parents and kids, but there is something magical about a father and daughter spending time together.  Whether she’s two or twenty or forty, she’s still his little girl.  Even he grumpiest old man seems to melt when his princess is with him.  I truly hope they come in the rest of this week.  I don’t eavesdrop but I do admit that I have been cleaning the front area more carefully this week.

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