Does anyone pay full price for patterns?

After shopping at two different stores, I truly wonder if anyone pays retail for patterns.  The first was Joann Fabrics, and their patterns are 40-50% off everyday.  On top of that, this week all of their Butterick patterns are $1.99.  I wound up buying four patterns because they were cute and I know I’ll use them to make some outfits for Khaila to wear this summer.

I also stopped by Hobby Lobby and their patterns are 40% off everyday.  I didn’t think their selection was great, they only carried McCalls and Simplicty.  Simplicity has some great stuff in the plus size section for summer, but McCalls didn’t thrill me at all.

While I was at Joann, I learned a valuable lesson.  Make sure you read the sales signs carefully.  I picked up two bolts of lightweight plaid flannel to make Rick some shorts to wear at home thinking they were $1.99 per yard.  When she rang them up, they were $5.99 per yard.  I went back to look at the sign on my way to the register and sure enough, only the solids on that rack were on sale.

I’m enjoying re-learning how to sew.  Most of what I have done so far is pretty basic, but I’m hoping to tackle some bigger projects in time.  There are so many adorable girl outfits that I want to make but they scare me!

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