Adventures in Potty Training

Well, we’re doing it. We’re trying (again) to potty train Khaila. She got some training pants from Nana and Pop-Pop for Easter and I figured yesterday was a good day to start. My mom had Khaila for the day, so I didn’t have to worry about the first day being at the sitter’s house.

It’s been touch and go, she’s still trying to make the connect between “I have to go” and getting to the potty. It’s heartbreaking when she has an accident because she gets so upset. She immediately starts a meltdown of epic proportions and crying, “I’m sorry mommy, I’m sorry!” as she runs to the bathroom. If feel bad about it, but at the same time, I’m glad in a way. She knows that she had an accident, and every time she tries harder to get to the potty. This morning, she made it into the bathroom and peed as daddy was pulling off the training pants to get her on the potty!

We tried Pullups in the past. To her, they were diapers that looked like undies and it didn’t phase her to go in them. Sure, she’d tell us right after she did it, but she knew they ended up in the garbage. We tried regular panties, hoping she wouldn’t want to go in them, that didn’t work either.  Sure, she knew she peed, but it became an awful mess on the carpets!

I was finally able to find training pants (thanks to Nana telling me that she had found them) at Walmart.  Silly me, I was looking for them by the underwear.  Helpful hint, if you’re looking, they’re with the onesies and receiving blankets.  They’re made by Gerber, so they’re with the rest of the Gerber stuff.  I also found ONE pack of vinyl covers so the “excess” doesn’t wind up all over the floor.

Not much success today, but we’ll keep trying.  Any parents who have successfully done this, tips would be appreciated!

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4 Responses to Adventures in Potty Training

  1. How old? I had boys and boys just aren’t in any hurry to be potty trained. We had them both registered for K4, and school’s policy was they absolutely had to be potty traied, and they both came in under the wire, learning it within a month of when school started.

  2. Mada says:

    She’s going to be 3 in July. It’s frustrating, but I know she’s ready. She tells us as soon as she goes, she wants her panties, it’s just the timing thing that’s going to drive me to drink!

  3. *stares*

    She’s only two?

    We weren’t even THINKING of potty training at that age. 🙂

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