“An Unlikely Mommy”

Thanks to the writing course that I’m taking, I am revisiting romance novels. I wouldn’t say that I was turned off from the passionate, intense love scenes of the romances my mom read, but it became something I’m not big into reading about at the point in my life. Last weekend, I picked up four of the Harlequin American Romance novels figuring it would be a few weeks before I finished them.

Last night, about 10:30, I sat down and opened “An Unlikely Mommy” by Tanya Michaels. “Just a couple of chapters,” I told myself. At 2 a.m., just as Khaila woke up for whatever reason, I closed the book, finished.

As a budding writer, it was interesting to see how Ms. Michaels introduced the characters, how she allowed the reader to form an image of them. There was only one “true” love scene in the book and that was done very well. Enough was described be sure the reader had no doubt what they were doing, but it wasn’t overdone. Through the rest of the book, the emotions that Ronnie and Jason felt for each other and about life in general were very well described.

At this point in my life, I’d much rather read about couples falling in love than about couples making love. This book gave me that. Also, I found myself laughing out loud several times when little Emily’s antics were being discussed. You could tell the book was written by someone who had first-hand knowledge of a toddler’s world!

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