First assignment complete!

My first writing assignment was to write a character study.  My first attempt was decent, but knowing that we will have to incorporate this character into a future story, I took another stab at it.

Thomas Morris is a great character, well fleshed out (in my opinion) but I’m not sure what story he has to tell.  Someday, he’ll make an appearance somewhere, but not right this minute.

I wound up doing my character study about Kiera, the MC in the flash fiction piece I posted last week.  There was nothing in the requirements that stated I couldn’t write about a character who has come into my head and seems to be haunting me right now.  After I receive my assignment back, I will post her background here.

While I wait to hear back, I’m going to begin writing some more character studies.  I’ve spent some time this week with a notebook close at hand.  Every time a person catches my eye, I whip out the notebook and write down as much as I can about them.  I think it’ll be fun to bring those notes to life!

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One Response to First assignment complete!

  1. I’ve got a HUGE list of characters like this, who are all just waiting their turn to be brought to life. You never know when you’ll need someone easy to write about, ya know?

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