“I’ll start that _____”

Once again, I found myself saying that I would start something on a certain date rather than just doing it. The last time, I wanted to start a diet but it was mid-week. At first, I said I would start on Monday and then I realized that Monday never comes. Monday becomes “next week”, then “the first of the month”, then “No, I mean it, next Monday” and nothing is accomplished.

Since my last attempt at NaNo didn’t turn out so well due to life interrupting, I planned to start on 4/1. NaNo is a month long challenge to write 50,000 words in a month.  Why do I have to start on 4/1?  Why can’t I start on 3/30 and set a deadline of 4/28?

It seems to me that our society likes things neat and tidy.  Most of the time, you start a new job, a diet, or any new routine on Monday or the first of the month.  Are you waiting to do something?  Why not start today?

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One Response to “I’ll start that _____”

  1. Steve Davis says:

    Ah procrastination….like you I need to start today, if not it seems not to get done. Delay is my enemy.


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