AW Blog Chain

It’s the beginning of a new month and that means time for another installment of the AW Blog Chain!  This month, I’m coordinating the effort.  We will be using the theme of Spring and New Beginnings.  It would be great to have more join the chain, stop by if you’re interested and sign up.

For those who are unfamiliar with blog chains, here are the basics.  You can sign up from now through Saturday night.  After that, I will post a list of participants with links to their blogs.  The first person writes a post on the theme, then the person after them incorporates something from the first post into their post.  This continues through the end of the chain.

If you do join us, please remember to comment on the posts of others.  I will post the entire list as well as highlights throughout the month.  If you’re not blogging with us, I hope you’ll still check out the posts.  Blog chains have an interesting way of weaving through a variety of subjects even when there’s a theme.

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