What a Strange Night it Was!

Have you ever seen Danny DeVito in a white tutu?  I can now say that yes, I have!  Last night, plans were reduced to a pile of rubble.  Rather than having a girls’ night out, catching Four Bitchin’ Babes at the Overture Center, I sat around waiting for my friend until well after the show got out.  She had lost her keys, her husband told me to go straight to the Overture Center to wait for her.  He said that she’d call if she went to the original meeting point, where I had already been for close to an hour, and he’d tell her to meet me.

She didn’t call, she just went back to their house.  He called me, told me they’d be on their way.  When they got there, I figured that we weren’t just going back to my house, she was dressed in a gorgeous black skirt and blue corset with black lace overlay.  Her lips were the same shade of blue as her top.  This could only mean one thing.  The club that her husband tried to convince Rick to go to was the Inferno.

Leather and Lace night brings out an incredible show of fetish gear.  For a while, I felt very out of place wearing jeans and a black top with just enough beading to get the lower cover charge.  Never before have I looked at a floor length rubber gown and said, “Look at that, she looks amazing!”.  Mike, my husband’s friend, came over to me and said, “Check out the guy in the tutu,” and then proceeded to tell me what I was about to see.  I didn’t believe him when he said the guy looks just like Danny DeVito, but as we walked up, I noticed a short, stout man with a balding head.  The black fishnets threw me off a bit, as did the fact that I was approaching a man in a tutu.  He turned around, and sure enough, he could have been Danny DeVito!

I learned something last night while we were there.  You don’t have to care what people think of you.  You can dance and make a complete ass of yourself and it’s okay.  You don’t have to be dressed like everyone else, it’s okay.  So, by midnight, I’m proud to say that I was out on the dancefloor in my jeans, surrounded by leather, rubber, lace, chainmail, and enough lingerie to fill Victoria’s Secret (and some of it was worn by women), dancing to the best of my ability.  And more importantly, having the time of my life!

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