Do We Really Need This?

From Channel3000:
Meanwhile, Wisconsin no longer has to worry about being without an official state tartan.
Doyle signed into law on Monday a bill creating the official tartan.
A tartan is a pattern of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands.
The official Wisconsin tartan contains the colors of muted blue, scarlet, gray, black, dark green, dark yellow and dark brown.

There are alot of things I could think of that Wisconsin needs. I really don’t want to think about how much tax money was spent figuring out what our state tartan should be! I heard this on the news as I drove down the Beltline during rush hour, not a good time for a head-spinning, ridiculous story about something we could easily have lived without!

This morning, I heard a story about changing the state motto. Apparently, “Life is Good” doesn’t cut it, but they must have thought it was a good idea when the check was written to the consulting firm that came up with the idea. I understand that we are no longer, technically, “America’s Dairyland” but it was something that people associated with Wisconsin. If someone says, “The Show Me State”, you know they’re talking about Missouri. “Land of Lincoln” is Illinois.

How much money is our state government spending on silly things like this when they could be putting that money to things like education, emergency services, etc?

And does it make me a bad person that the first thing I thought of was “The Official Flannel of Wisconsin”?

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3 Responses to Do We Really Need This?

  1. Karen says:

    I have a tartan. Lanark. It belongs to my husband’s clan. Fat lot of good it does me, because apparently it isn’t very common, so I can’t find anything made in it. I once found a site where I could order a scarf, but the cost was more than I was willing to spend to wrap myself in, let’s face it, a metaphorical marital noose.

  2. Mada says:

    How funny! So, will you be buying an official Wisconsin flannel? Should we see if we can get an official Evansville tartan?

  3. Karen says:

    Quite frankly, how the hell do you come up with a Wisconsin Tartan that isn’t predominantly Cardinal Red???

    A red one, I would have bought. Flannels containing the colors of muted blue, scarlet, gray, black, dark green, dark yellow and dark brown make me look fat.

    I’m gonna pass.

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