Mr. Phelps, It’s Time to Stop

It seems to be a morning for me to be annoyed by the news.  Fred Phelps and his “church” apparently decided to picket at UW-Stout after three students died in a fire this past week.  They were “praising” God for the deaths, saying that God hates Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Apparently, I was raised in an “unholy” state.

I’m sick and tired of them thinking that going to funerals and saying the death was justified is a good way to spread the Word.  If he had read the bible, he would know that God, at least the God I was taught about in Wisconsin, does NOT hate.  He may not condone certain actions, but He does not hate.  The God I was taught about is compassionate and would not celebrate a tragic accident by telling those who are mourning how they deserved to die.  I believe it also says something that their “church” homepage (which I will not link to) is filled with their hateful words from the URL to the bottom of the screen.  If you want to see, you can do a Google search for Fred Phelps or Westboro Baptist Church.

The bad news is that it keeps giving them publicity.  They are getting their message out.  Every time they pull this, the news picks it up.  I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who agree with Mr. Phelps and his followers.  I truly hope that as their time comes to an end, they will realize how misguided they are and ask His forgiveness.

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