Why Use Cloth Shopping Bags

Yes, there is the obvious reason, better for the environment. I would love to say this is my motivation for slowly but surely building a stockpile of cloth shopping bags. Yes, it does play a role. I would love to be a greener family than we are.

Here are a few reasons besides the obvious to switch to cloth:

  1. Easier to carry. The longer handles are so much easier to lug up to the third floor.
  2. They don’t rip. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway up the stairs and watching something (praying it’s not breakable) go tumbling to the ground because the plastic or paper bag ripped.
  3. They’re surprisingly roomy. The groceries I bought the other day probably would have used three or four plastic bags, but everything fit in the two bags I purchased.
  4. Save money, in time. One of the stores I shop at gives you a ten cent discount for every cloth bag or recycled paper bag you bring in. Yes, I have to use each bag 20 times to make my money back, but eventually, I’ll save money.
  5. No plastic bags floating around. I swear, we have a bag demon that releases bags nightly. There’s always at least one plastic bag on the floor somewhere.
  6. Stuff gets put away quicker.  I come home, put everything away, pack the bags away, and take them back to the van the next time I go down.

I do feel good that we are doing some good for the earth. At the same time, I want to let those who are on the fence know that there are other benefits!

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2 Responses to Why Use Cloth Shopping Bags

  1. unfortunately for me the plastic bags have a higher purpose…to get converted into mini trash bags for me to scoop the cat litter box 🙂 Oh, well…if I didn’t use them for that I’d just have to buy the trash bags anyway. Sigh.

  2. Steve Davis says:

    I confess timidly that I always get plastic bags. However, I do recyle them at home as garbage bags so at least they get used twice. Recently I tried asking for paper bags and found they rip easily. When we go to our “super’ grocery store, I use bins but that is only for large grocery expeditions.

    Something we all should think about.

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