A New Blogging Gig

Recently, a fellow forum member at AW posted saying she had begun blogging for MyZip.net.  The concept is to have a blogger for every zip code.  Living in a small town, part of me figured it’d be worth looking into.  Since our small town has an active blogging community, I worried someone else would already have scooped up this opportunity.

I sent my information and was offered the blog for my zip code.  There are only a couple of posts right now, but I hope to make 53536.net a good, informative site.  I have many ideas for getting information about Evansville out to the world.  I hope to send some emails, talk to some people, and build a truly informative resource for those who want everything they need to know in front of them at 2am in their pajamas.

I will keep my personal opinions on Evansville here and keep the MyZip site as fact based as possible.  If you wanted to learn more about our little town, I hope you’ll stop by!

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One Response to A New Blogging Gig

  1. stamperdad says:

    Evansville, Wisconsin are real nice town. I have driven through your state many times. It is beautiful especially when it is all greened up in the summer. Interesting concept of blog for every zip code. Thanks for sharing.


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