Another Step to Becoming Healthy

Today was my first day without soda.  I’m not experiencing too many withdrawal symptoms other than a killer headache.  I know that’s to be expected, but dang, this hurts!  ALOT!

I know there will be many benefits to not drinking soda.  I’m feeling one of them already.  I’m not nearly as sluggish as I am after a day spent drinking nothing but sugary, caffeinated, zero-nutrient gook.  It’s funny how something we drink to keep us awake can have such an adverse effect on how we feel.  Seriously, I feel pretty good besides the headache that kept me in the dark most of this evening.

Another benefit, I’m taking part of the money I would spend on soda and I joined the local gym.  It’s not nearly as expensive as some others, you don’t have to sign a one or two year contract, and I can go when it’s convenient for me.  That was essential since Rick is working longer hours and I have to have someone to watch Khaila.  I signed up this afternoon, came home to whine about my pain, and after Khaila was in bed and the Excedrin kicked in, I went back down to check it out a bit more.

There were two people there when I got there, a husband and wife.  This is very important to someone who has over 50 pounds to lose and is going into a gym for the first time.  Once I don’t feel as awkward and out of place, it’ll be easier to go in when it’s busy.  The machines were easy to figure out, although I think the computer was wrong, it said I achieved “superior” level for the fitness test.  I was worried about getting bored since I forgot my mp3 player, but they have several television sets mounted to the wall.

If you’re an Evansville reader and you haven’t checked out Evansville Health Club, I encourage you to do so!  Justin was very friendly on the phone this morning, was great in person, and I’m sure my “official” orientation tomorrow afternoon will be informative.

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3 Responses to Another Step to Becoming Healthy

  1. I too need to get off the soda kick. I have a severe Mountain Dew addiction that seems to get worse as time goes on. The first step is admitting I have a problem…and I do!

  2. Karen says:

    Hey, I go (can go, used to go, need to go again) in the daytimes, while the kids are in school. If that’s convenient for you, give me a call and we can go together, or in the same time span. I try to go when it’s less busy as well for the same reasons.

  3. Mada says:

    I’d love to have a workout buddy, but I have to go either at night or before Khaila wakes up (which will never happen). I work every day from 10 until either 4 or 8.

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