Choosing a CSA

The past year has brought many scares related to the food we eat.  It used to be recalls were something “reserved” for meats, but more and more, vegetables have been the culprit.  Having a young child has changed my view of the world, and now it’s changing my ideas about what we eat. This got me started thinking about joining a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, program.

With my husband’s new job comes new health insurance.  Part of the plan is a wellness incentive program.  With this plan, we can receive up to $300 back from any approved program.  This includes the CSA.  Even at $450 for the season, $22.50 per week, it’s a good deal.  With the rebate, it will be much cheaper than trying to buy fruits and vegetables in the store.  Plus, we will be able to rest easy knowing that we are eating foods that are not coated with pesticides and preservatives to extend the shelf life and accommodate shipping from who-knows-where.

I will admit, I used to pick on people who were so adamant about eating organic foods or did anything I considered “crunchy granola”.  Now, I realize the things they were doing were different from what I was doing, not bad or weird.  I realize they had some great ideas.  Slowly but surely, I’m trying to change how we live in our home to be safer and healthier.

The search for a CSA has not been easy.  I started my search at MACSAC.  There aren’t many south of Madison, which is where I would prefer to find one.  There were two west of Madison, near my moms, that I was interested in, but both are full for the season.  There were others that seemed interesting at the beginning, but as I looked at the offerings, I knew much of it would go to waste in our house.

Finally, I found one that I have contacted and I’m waiting to hear back from.  Scotch Hill Farm is south of Evansville.  I am hoping they still have room.  If they do, we will make the trip to Brodhead weekly to pick up our veggies.  I will update throughout the summer, both my opinions of CSA as we go through our first year and also recipes I come across for veggies we haven’t tried in the past.

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2 Responses to Choosing a CSA

  1. Karen says:

    Tipi Farms is also just outside of Evansville, South on Ahara I think. Just at the bend of 213. We’ve been with them for a number of years now. They’re great!

  2. Mada says:

    Thanks, Karen! I will check them out as well.

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