How I Spent My Friday Night…

Reading blogs!  My brain is completely fried from being up too late last night, making it nearly impossible for me to form a coherent thought.  At my dad’s, he asked me to repeat part of a sentence and I couldn’t.  Not five seconds after completing my thought, it had left my head to find other thoughts to keep it company.  Rather than try to write, here are some of the blogs I enjoyed:

Missing Inaction – I love the wit of Amy Mullis!  When I grow up, I want to be just like her!
Polygamy: A Top Ten List – Think more wives means more of all the good stuff in life?  Steve reminds us of all the other things, the ones men may put out of their mind.
Livininsanity – A wonderful recap of this month’s blog chain.  Another author whose writing I truly enjoy reading.
Colby Celebrates a Milestone – I will admit, the word llama was what first drew me to Colby’s blog.  I’m glad she’s posted for 100 consecutive days, it’s always a bit of entertainment for my early morning or late night!
Healthy, Green, and Frugal – The name says it all!
Outrageous Brownies – Mmmmmm, brownies!  Yes, I know I’m trying to lose weight, but heck, these look worth the guilt!

And just to show that I haven’t completely neglected my blogging responsibilities, I posted a business spotlight and information about the Earth Day Energy Fair at

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