Middle of the Night Ramblings

Once again, I see a skyrocket in my stats.  I know where this comes from, and it got me thinking.  The search terms that are put in on days when I have amazingly high stats have nothing to do with the content I’ve written.  It has everything to do with me as a person.

There’s a part of me that wonders if this is why some people choose an anonymous blog and never include the names of family members.  To keep people from getting that close to their private lives.  Yes, there was a time when I made my life an open book online.  Since then, I’ve learned a few lessons and I’m selective about what I share.

Another part of me wonders why I have these spikes every week or every other week.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve talked to any of the particular group that is now checking in on me.  Why now?  Have they been entering my name and my daughter’s name the entire time and it wasn’t until I started blogging that they were able to look in the window of my life?

Why does it matter to me?  Why is there a part of me that would like to remove every reference to my daughter by name?  I know they’re harmless, but it still bugs me.  Why?

Nah.  If they want to keep reading about how we’re doing, that’s their prerogative.  It’s something I knew going in, and months later, I don’t have the energy to waste on trying to make myself more anonymous.

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