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Mending Relationships

It was never easy growing up with twin siblings.  They shared a bond that I could never have with anyone.  Even though I have always understood that, it sucks!  I remember my dad and his brother talking all the time … Continue reading

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Many times, I come across message board posts asking how to decide what direction they should take with their blog.  For some, the answer is obvious.  They are blogging to promote their books, trying to develop an online presence, or … Continue reading

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Accepting Help From a Toddler

Imagine the following scenario: You’ve been working all day.  You come home, start dinner, and figure out what housework you have to tackle before you can call your day done.  As you fill the sink to wash some dishes, your … Continue reading

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The story below was posted on a friend’s blog. Does it really matter if this is a true story? I’d love to think it is, but even if it’s not, it can be a lesson in compassion. What would you … Continue reading

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Out of the search phrases

Tonight, I found an interesting phrase that led to my blog, “dating divorced dad with grown kids”.  I had some things I could have blogged about, but this jumped off the screen at me.  I think I’ve mentioned it before, … Continue reading

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Now I Know…

Yesterday, I had to take the ServSafe certification course.  This is a requirement by the state to become a licensed restaurant manager.  The good news is that I will soon be licensed, and if I choose to find a job … Continue reading

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An Interesting Conversation

“God, I was worried we’d run into someone I know.  That would have sucked.” said one of my best friends as we stopped to pick up munchies and soda for the trip home yesterday. This was foreign to me.  We … Continue reading

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